Project Ready to work

Ready to work is a project of the Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family which helps in the retraining of the registered unemployed with a focus on production and technical education. The project is implemented by our company Newport Group (NG), together with the Consortium of the Deutsch-Slowakische Akademien (DSA) and the Dual Academy.

By March 2020, more than 13,843 job seekers had successfully participated in the courses in all regions of Slovakia.

You can see more information about the success of the project on the Ready to Work website.


Project phases

1. Project phase - Inclusive education

The inclusive education course is suitable for all categories of jobseekers, including disadvantaged applicants, unskilled applicants and also for people with a minimum completed level of education.

The content of the course was adapted to the requirements of employers, so that each participant had the opportunity to acquire the key soft skills needed for effective team work and was ready to succeed in a job interview.

Upon successful completion of the 1st phase course, graduates will receive a certificate of completion of the educational program.

2. Project phase - Accredited education

In the second phase, in order to specialize, candidates will acquire practical education and skills for a specific profession - e.g. mechatronics, toolmaker, electrical engineer of aion technology, operator of CNC machines and more. All courses take place under the guidance of our professional lecturers. 

The offer of the following 13 accredited courses was conceived together with partners, which are employers and companies operating throughout Slovakia. Our graduates are prepared according to the requirements of employers, or they directly carry out part of practical training directly with them, which increases their applicability on the labor market.

You can see the whole offer of courses HERE.


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Project Power Saving Check - Coming of Age

Newport has brought together 9 partners from different countries to address a particularly important problem for humanity - climate change. The biggest innovation of the project is the development of a free App for citizens, which works successfully. At the same time, Curriculum, Handbook, Training material and online courses were developed. 14 staff members of the partner organizations were trained as trainers in order to educate Power Saving Checkers. The best practices of all countries were learned and successfully applied to reduce CO2 emissions.


Project Slovak-Austrian-German-Alliance for Vocational Education and Training