Training duration:

68 hours
(28 hours of theory, 40 hours of practice)

Lesson duration:

45 minutes

Accreditation number:


Warehouse management

A graduate of the training program knows the key processes of warehouse management and logistics. Works with warehouse management software. Knows how to set up a warehouse management system in a small- and medium-sized company. Knows the basic operations necessary for pursuing the profession of a warehouse keeper and warehouse management officer in manufacturing and commercial establishments, knows how to handle inventories, control their flow, organize placement of supplies in line with the company’s needs.

  • Warehouse management fundamentals and technology for inventory management
  • Enterprise logistics, optimization issues, and key activities
  • Logistical functions and operations in manufacturing companies, business organizations and transport companies
  • Correlation between logistics activities and costs
  • Key activities in logistics
  • Stock-taking
  • Calculation of warehouse costs and stock maintenance costs
  • Working with warehouse software