Training duration:

15 days
(110 hours of direct training)

Lesson duration:

60 minutes

Development of personal potential

Effect for participants:

The course is addressed to those who want to develop and recognize the most commonly used errors in the job interview, the basics of effective communication, to practice his/her skills to the management of his/her time, focus on efficiency of daily activities, expand their own horizons, learn to establish their own decent CV and learn to work with the system ISTP. This is addressed not only for young graduates but is a valuable complement to knowledge for those who are already experienced.

Content frame:

  • Preparing for a job interview (most common mistakes in terms of recruiters)
  • Preparation of CV - EUROPASS
  • Working with the system ISTP (Internet Guide through labor market)
  • Basics of effective communication in the workplace and in private life
  • Basics of time management
  • Development of personal potential
  • Practical games and examples of everyday life