Training duration:

2 days
(16 hours of direct training)

Lesson duration:

45 minutes

Target audience:

  • Sellers
  • Sales representatives
  • Account managers

Business skills

Effect for participants:

  • Understanding the basic principles of marketing and building relationships with clients.
  • Awareness of the process and decisions of the client regarding the purchase. They will learn how a trader can influence the buying decision of the client.
  • They will learn to properly prepare to approach the client and for business conversation.
  • They will learn and practice the techniques for the telephone contact with the client.
  • They will review the main points in the structure of business conversation.
  • They will learn the techniques to overcome objections and resistance in business conversation.
  • They will practice the techniques of active listening.
  • They will learn to recognize and to take advantage of the right moment for closing the transaction, or business conversation.

Content frame:

Business and making a purchase decision

  •     Influencing the client´s decisions
  •     Rational and emotional components of decision-making
  •     Needs and expectations
  •     Trustworthiness of a trader

Product and company presentation

  •    “Who we are and what we do”
  •     Strengths, benefits

Who are our clients?

  •     Segmentation, customer selection
  •     Finding the customers
  •     Detection of supporting information for business

Building partnerships and networking

  •     Business networking
  •     Differentiation
  •     Rules of mutual support

Preparation for approaching the client

  •     Factual preparation
  •     Situational preparation
  •     Collection of information
  •     Technical preparation
  •     Products and benefits

Phone contact with the client

  •     Interview scheme
  •     Handling objections, rejection
  •     Rules of successful phone call
  •     Model AIDA

Business communication, meeting with client

  •     Customer´s hidden questions
  •     Preparation for business communication
  •     Structure of business communication
  •     Conducting of communication
  •     Types, questioning
  •     SPIN technique 

Active listening

  •     Principles of active listening
  •     Manifestations and techniques

Dealing with objections in business communication

  •     Reason of rejection
  •     Dealing with objections
  •     Real meaning of objection
  •     Techniques for handling objections

Negotiating and concluding business

  •     Preparation for negotiation on price
  •     Practicing the techniques of business communication when negotiating about price
  •     Concluding business
  •     Recognition of the right moment, signals for shopping

Communication rules with client

  •     General rules for effective communication in business
  •     Recommendations and motivation of participants