Training duration:

1 day
(8 hours of direct training)

Lesson duration:

45 minutes

Target audience:

  • Middle and top management
  • Team leaders
  • Project managers


Effect for participants:

  • Understanding the difference between leadership and management.
  • Realizing the key characteristics of a good leader, self-knowledge.
  • Knowing the key steps to learning to be/becoming a real leader.
  • Know how to work with one's own personal vision and the vision of a team or organization with the use of customer orientation and focus on exceptional performance.
  • Learn to benefit from the principles of leading others in the right way.
  • Learn to how to work with motivation, know the motivating factors and use them to engage others.
  • Learn to respect the principles of proper delegation.

Content frame:


  •    Definitions
  •    leadership vs. management
  •    how to become a leader – key characteristics, behavior of a leader
  •    what needs to be done


  •    vision – personal and team vision
  •    creating and using a vision to engage others
  •    customer orientation – applying the approach in creating a vision, communicating and leading a     team
  •    exceptional performance – characteristic behavior of a leader

Leading others

  •    working with targets and priorities, setting the targets and communicating them as a leader
  •    removing obstacles – using the systems and structures to meet the targets efficiently
  •    support and encouragement – engagement of people and maintaining exceptional performance


  •     motivating factors, hierarchy of needs
  •     theories of motivation – different approaches to identifying motivation factors
  •     what is motivating us? – career anchors, own motivating factors
  •     What is motivating the employees, team members? – methods and techniques for identifying        motivating factors 

The art of delegating

  •     delegating as the tool of the leader
  •     how to delegate work
  •     the benefits and obstacles of delegation
  •     what to delegate and to whom?
  •     proper task assignment
  •     supervision and support when delegating tasks