Training duration:

1 day
(8 hours of direct training)

Lesson duration:

45 minutes

Target audience:

  • Managers
  • Team leaders

Business etiquette

Effect for participants:

  • They will acquire information that is necessary for the representative performing.
  • They will identify their weaknesses in social behavior.
  • They will learn how to act in different situations in social and business relations.
  • They will master appropriate and inappropriate ways of dressing, behavior, and dining at specific events.

Content frame:

Historical framework of social behavior

  •     Development of rules of social protocol
  •     Rules that must be followed and the rules that are waived

Firs contact - first impression

  •     Principle of social significance 
  •     Greeting
  •     Handshake
  •     Principle of good handshake
  •     Common errors


  •     How to introduce yourself
  •     How to introduce others
  •     Be on a first name basis/be on the last name basis
  •     How not to insult but to succeed

Clothes make the man

  •     Dressing according to social events
  •     Deciphering acronyms  Dress Code
  •     The most common Faux pas in dressing
  •     Rules that must be followed and the rules that are waived


  •     How not die from hunger during social evening
  •     How not to be socially "embarrassing"
  •     Business lunch, brunch
  •     Inviting and paying
  •     The most common transgressions and well-intentioned missteps