Training duration:

400 hours
(154 hours of theory, 246 hours of practice)

Lesson duration:

45 minutes

Accreditation number:



Effect for participants:

Capable of drawing a simple sketch to supplement the assigned technological operation. Capable of manually working the mechanical parts by filing, cutting, chiselling, bending, drilling and threading. Know how to assemble parts of machines and machinery by bolts, rivets, and solder. Capable of performing functional tests of machinery and equipment. Know the rules of servicing and maintenance of the tools, instruments, machines, and equipment used. Know the basic elements of occupational safety and health and fire protection.

Content frame:


  •    Materials, alloys, technical materials made of metal, including their properties
  •    Technical standards, technological procedures used in mechanical engineering
  •    Occupational safety and health 

Metalworking by hand

  •     Measuring and scribing
  •     Filing
  •     Cutting
  •     Chiseling and punching
  •     Straightening and bending
  •     Thread drilling and bending
  •     Riveting and soldering

Machining of metals

  •     Turning
  •     Milling
  •     Grinding
  •     Drilling
  •     Boring
  •     Planing
  •     Broaching
  •     Threading and gear making

Basic assembly works

  •     Assembly of parts with the use of dismantling joints
  •     Assembly of parts with the use of permanent joints
  •     Mounting of rolling and plain bearings
  •     Pipefitting
  •     Belt, chain and toothed gears
  •     Slider-crank, slotted-link, cam, four-bar linkage mechanism
  •     Pneumatic, hydraulic mechanisms