Training duration:

2 days
(16 hours of direct training)

Lesson duration:

45 minutes

Target audience:

  •  No restriction


Effect for participants:

  • capable of identifying their personal stressors.
  • capable of identifying their own stress symptoms.
  • learn how to prevent burnout syndrome.
  • learn the basic techniques for coping with job stress.
  • gain the ability to increase their own psychological resilience.

Content frame:

Stress and load

  •    What is stress and what is load
  •    Stress as the cause and response
  •    Distress and eustress
  •    Role of stress in survival


  •    Causes of stress
  •    Stress factors
  •    Life events as stressors
  •    Intervention methods
  •    What is stressing me out

Stress symptoms

  •    General adaptation syndrome
  •    Body’s response to stress
  •    Symptom levels
  •    Effects of stress over time

Job stressors

  •    Stress impact levels
  •    How to cope with stressors in the workplace
  •    Stress-coping strategies – effective and ineffective
  •    What I can and cannot influence

Burnout syndrome

  •    Burnout syndrome and stress
  •    Signs of burnout syndrome
  •    Stages of burnout and how to fight it

Mental endurance

  •    Pressures that people face
  •    What is mental endurance
  •    Common mistakes in mental endurance
  •    How to use pressure to make you stronger
  •    Dark side of pressure - stress

Stress management strategies 

  •    Coping or stress management
  •    Inappropriate approaches to stress management
  •    Changing the burden of the individual
  •    Plan to overcome stress 

 Relieving stress

  •    Relaxation techniques
  •    Mental hygiene
  •    Positive thinking
  •    Creating your own medicine against stress
  •    Techniques for stress relief