Training duration:

5 days
(40 hours of direct training)

Lesson duration:

45 minutes

Target audience:

  •  No restriction


Effect for participants:

  • Acquire skills in interpersonal contact.
  • Understand our own behavior in social contact.
  • Acquire competence in solving complex interpersonal situations.
  • Providing experience.
  • Improve and deepen self-knowledge.
  • Being aware of my own response to the action of the people.
  • Learn to be more assertive.
  • Being receptive to the feelings of others.

Content frame:

Interpersonal perception and sensitivity in social relations

  •    How I perceive myself, how my surroundings perceive myself and how I perceive my                         surroundings
  •    My behavior in the group
  •    Perception of nonverbal feelings of others
  •    Empathy

Reflexion of my own feelings

  •    Perception of feelings of other people
  •    My own optics in assessing the behavior of other people

Emotional self-expression

  •    Emotional self-expression enhancing self-knowledge
  •    Building a Personal Identity
  •    Focus on the positive self-preservation
  •    Working with confidence in group

Communication between people

  •    Verbal and non-verbal communication
  •    Errors in communication

Assertiveness in life

  •    Assertiveness principles in communication
  •    Use of assertive techniques
  •    Ability to say "no", or unpleasant facts
  •    Boundaries in interpersonal interactions and their determination


  •    Giving feedback
  •    Receiving feedback
  •    Handling of praise and criticism

Working with reflexion

  •    Interpretation of what is going on in me
  •    Interpretation of what is going on in the group
  •    Incorporation of experienced activities to real life