Training duration:

250 hours
(85 hours of theory, 165 hours of practice)

Lesson duration:

45 minutes

Accreditation number:


数控机床操作员 - 铣床

Effect for participants:

  •     Know the basic concepts in material machining with a focus on milling operations.
  •     Capable of correctly reading technical drawings and choosing the appropriate cutting conditions          based on tables, catalogs, and electronic media.
  •     Know the tools used in machining operations (with a focus on milling) and the order in which they        are to be applied.
  •     Know the types of CNC machinery, coordinate systems, the structure of a CNC program and the          individual modes of working with the control system.
  •     Capable of creating a CNC program and entering it into the machine control system, while being          able to manufacture and inspect the manufactured component.
  •     Know the safety rules applicable to working with CNC machines and become familiar with their            maintenance and servicing.


Content frame:

Requirements for the profession of a CNC machine operator 

  •     Working conditions of CNC machine operators
  •     Overview of specific expert knowledge
  •     Requirements for employees

Reading and drafting of technical drawings 

  •    Reading and understanding simple technical drawings
  •    Reading and analyzing assembly drawings
  •    Reading schematic drawings
  •    Creating and editing individual sections of a drawing
  •    Manufacturing drawings

Theory of metalworking technology

  •    Introduction
  •    The basics of metalworking by hand
  •    Fits and precision metalworking
  •    Fundamentals of the theory of chip-producing processes
  •    The basics of machining 

Metalworking technology

  •     Introduction
  •     Fits and precision metalworking
  •     Turning
  •     Milling
  •     Grinding
  •     Drilling

Compiling control programs for CNC machinery

  •    Computer numerical control machines Basic concepts in programming
  •    General principles of programming
  •    CNC mill programming Machining
  •    Programming CNC machines


  •    Milling on CNC machines

Performing scheduled maintenance

  •    Tool function testing
  •    Machine fault diagnosis
  •    Machine fault diagnosis
  •    CNC machinery maintenance