Training duration:

590 hours
(200 hours of theory, 390 hours of practice)

Lesson duration:

45 minutes

Accreditation number:



Content frame:

Requirements for working in the field of automotive mechatronics

  •    Working conditions in mechatronics
  •    Overview of expertise requirements
  •    Automotive manufacturing plants in Slovakia
  •    Occupational safety and health
  •    Personal protective equipment
  •    Fire protection

Technical drawin

  •    Technical drawing standards
  •    Mechanical drafting
  •    Drafting and reading the drawings of basic mechanical parts and assemblies
  •    Technical drawings

Electrical drafting

  •    The basics of electrical drawing
  •    Drafting of electrical schematics
  •    Drafting of electrical functional elements
  •    The principles of drafting electrical schematics
  •    Technical documentation in electronics
  •    Types of schematics used in electronics
  •    Diagrams in electropneumatic and electrohydraulic systems

Fundamentals of technical mechanics

  •    Truss structures
  •    Kinematics
  •    Dynamics
  •    Hydromechanics
  •    Thermomechanics
  •    Aeromechanics
  •    Solving truss structures
  •    Linear and rotary motion
  •    Transmission drives – calculation, choice, slippage, circumferential force
  •    Dynamics through examples
  •    Hydraulic circuits
  •    Pneumatic circuits
  •    Combustion engines, compressors
  •    Heat pump
  •    Cooling circuit


  •    Introduction to Mechatronics
  •    Modular approach to mechatronics
  •    Automated systems
  •    Regulation theory and control
  •    Magnetic sensor
  •    Inductive sensor
  •    Capacitive sensor
  •    Ultrasonic sensor
  •    Tension sensor
  •    Photoelectric sensor
  •    Force sensor calibration
  •    Modelling of mechatronic systems
  •    Transient characteristics of transient systems
  •    Discontinuous control process
  •    Transient characteristics of continuous controllers with P, PI, PID transfers

The basics of mechanical engineering technologies

  •    Metalworking by hand
  •    Basic sheet metal operations
  •    Joints and fasteners
  •    Machine parts
  •    Machine parts assembly and disassembly technology
  •    Sealing of components and joints
  •    Mechanisms
  •    Lifting and conveyor equipment
  •    Tooling

The basics of automotive electrical engineering

  •    Voltage
  •    Electric current
  •    Electrical resistance
  •    Basic electrical components in automobiles
  •    Car electrical components

Automotive manufacturing technology

  •    Basic sheet metal operations
  •    Assembly and disassembly of motor vehicles
  •    The basics of vehicle wiring repair

Pneumatic systems

  •    Pneumatic mechanisms
  •    Motion control of pneumatic motors
  •    Pneumatic mechanisms in practice
  •    Electric-pneumatic mechanisms
  •    Basic circuits of electric-pneumatic control
  •    Electric-pneumatic control in practice

Hydraulic systems

  •    Subcategories of hydraulics
  •    Schematic symbols of hydraulic components
  •    Constructing a hydraulic system
  •    Drawing of connection diagrams
  •    Surface grinder – pump supply volume measurement
  •    Bending machine – directly controlled pressure limiting valve
  •    Roller track – flow resistance
  •    Stamping press –single-acting motor control
  •    Loading machinery – double-acting motor control
  •    Drying furnace – directional control valve function ¾
  •    Clamping fixture – speed controlled by throttle valve
  •    Hydraulic crane – brake valve function
  •    Lathe feed control – speed controlled by flow regulator
  •    Planer – bypass connection
  •    Drill – pressure valve function
  •    Pressing machine – travel control of two cylinders

Electric-hydraulic systems

  •    Benefits of electric-hydraulic systems
  •    Schematic symbols of electric-hydraulic components
  •    Subcategories of electric-hydraulic systems
  •    Drawing of connection diagrams for electric-hydraulic control systems
  •    Procedure in constructing an electric-hydraulic system
  •    Rolling mill stand – magnetic valve direct adjustment
  •    Rolling mill stand - magnetic valve indirect adjustment
  •    Drawing press – basic Boolean functions
  •    Drawing press – signal inversion
  •    Injection system – conjunction and negation
  •    Hardening furnace – disjunction
  •    Assembly line
  •    Clamping fixture – signal recording in the hydraulics section
  •    Clamping fixture – signal recording in the electrical section
  •    Reaming machine – position-dependent control
  •    Hydraulic press – pressure- and position-based control using a sequence of operations
  •    Surface milling machine – automatic control by a sequence of operations

Mechatronic systems in automotive industry I

  •    Obtaining and evaluating information
  •    Data protection and security
  •    Preparation of protocols and reports; use of software
  •    Reading and using partial, assembly and complex technical drawings, sketches
  •    Reading and using schematics of the components of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment
  •    Reading and using electrical plans
  •    Drafting of drawings and sketches of individual components
  •    Updating the technical schematics of individual components, machines and equipment
  •    Using operational information and communication systems during operation
  •    Description of product, work procedure and features in handing over the product/device

Mechatronic systems in automotive industry II

  •    Checking the effectiveness of security measures
  •    Ensuring direct contact protection
  •    Inspection of mechanical and electronic safety measures and equipment
  •    Inspection of control and auxiliary circuits; control and tracking of equipment during operation
  •    Checking the main circuit during operation gradually; measuring the operational values; setting       the values
  •    Putting hydraulic and pneumatic equipment into operation
  •    Procedures for checking and adjusting mobility, rotation, pressure, temperature, smoothness           and motion system
  •    Inspecting and ensuring assembly, power supply, cooling, lubrication and removal of                         manufacturing waste
  •    Setting up operational programs and ensuring their smooth operation
  •    Examining and working with signal transmission systems; process field buses
  •    Carrying out functional tests of mechatronic systems in operation
  •    Inspection of protective measures for electromagnetic compatibility
  •    Determination of parameters during the operation of an automotive manufacturing plant
  •    Testing operation of mechatronic systems in an automotive manufacturing plant